Why a Realtor

Why a Realtor®?: An Inside View

Buying or selling a home in today’s market requires a lot of work, a good deal of experience in sales, and importantly, an inside view of the current real estate situation. With one of the biggest transactions in your life, it doesn’t help – and may actually hinder - to leave it up to chance, especially if you’re a first-time buyer or seller. Here’s the scoop on what Realtors really do, what’s required of them, and what they can offer you as YOUR representative.

Their Standards Protect You: For a Realtor®, being a licensed Real Estate Professional means membership in not only their local real estate board or association, but also in the Canadian Real Estate Board (CREA) and their provincial association like the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) in Ontario. This membership binds Realtors to a high standard of conduct and ethics.

The Learning Never Stops: Realtors must maintain a high level of current knowledge in and about the development of real estate by doing ongoing education. Their license must also be renewed on an annual basis based on completing these education requirements.

Your Own Personal Gatekeeper: Realtors can find all the information you are looking for to make an informed decision. Realtors have exclusive access to MLS systems, which helps in the enablement of a sale of properties to benefit the consumer. Further, Realtors can get you early access to properties about to be listed for sale, and can make it easier for you to control how you want to list your home.

How to Snag Your Dream Home: In a real estate market like the one we’ve seen recently from the GTA to Niagara, it can be difficult to find a home before it’s snapped up by another buyer – or to know what to put in your offer so that it’s competitive enough to win you that home over another. A Realtor has the experience and background to help you make the right moves early enough, and to offer insight into the property to inform your final decision. They can also protect you by discussing the kinds of conditions you may want to include in your offer.

Before you make us a part of your experience, feel free to shop around. However, we promise we will be a great fit in assisting you in this process. Your Realtor® should be genuinely interested in and know the current real estate market with a good track record in the sale and purchase of properties you’re interested in. We do our best to ensure you comfort and peace of mind in every aspect from beginning to end. We are enthusiastic about real estate and are confident in our abilities to give you the best service.

Plus, MoveRight offers something special that no other real estate brokerage does: we pay for your home inspection (to make sure you know what issues may be underneath the surface), your lawyer’s fee (so you can concentrate on signing off on your new home), and your moving costs (so you can sit back and enjoy)!  Talk to one of our Realtors to get going on your search in this real estate market today.  

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