The Golden Horseshoe: A 'Gold Mine' for Investors

The Golden Horseshoe has already been identified as a hot-spot for 2016, and there is even more potential for it to be highly attractive for investors. 

The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) recently contacted a number of stakeholders in the Golden Horseshoe to determine what could make it an even more attractive real estate market.

“Taken together, it is clear that all stakeholders view the GGH as a great place to live, work and play. Many stakeholder responses described the GGH in terms of its diversity, opportunity, prosperity, growth, and livability,” TREB said in its inaugural Year in Review and Market Outlook. “All of these terms underscore the region’s reputation for a high quality of life and economic vibrancy. A positive reputation also helps encourage migration to the GGH, which can sustain population growth and contribute to the region’s economic wellbeing.”

Those stakeholders identified a number of areas that would make the Greater Golden Horseshoe even better.

“A coordinated, modern, multi-modal transportation network is required,” TREB said.

“Residents and businesses of the GGH require and depend upon reliable public infrastructure,” TREB said. “For the future of the GGH, public infrastructure must be vast, interconnected, and in good standing.”

Affordability and housing options
“ … as the population has continued to grow (more than 100,000 people per year, on net), the demand for new low-rise home types has remained very strong,” TREB said. “The result has been higher land costs and ultimately higher new home prices.”

That has benefitted investors in recent years. However, even if affordability is addressed, there will still be plenty of options for investors to add to their respective portfolios.

In the Niagara area, recent infrastructure investments have shown the opportunity for a great deal of future growth and prosperity. Local governments are also having important conversations about growing transportation and housing options.

Now is a great time to invest in the Golden Horseshoe. Call MoveRight 289.434.4241 to find out what’s available in the market right now, and to discuss your thoughts and options for investing in this ‘golden’ opportunity.   

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