So, You've Decided to List Your Property

Here are the ins and outs of putting your home on the market – and making sure it appeals to the right buyers and sells for the right price!

There is a good deal of paperwork that goes into selling your home, but using an agent means you can get this done quickly and have them explain to you anything that isn’t clear before you list.

Here is a quick outline of what this includes:

  1. The most important legal document your agent will have you fill out is the Listing Agreement. This is a contract between you and the brokerage, such as MoveRight Real Estate Brokerage. It will:
  • Spell out the rights and obligations of all parties involved, the length of the agreement, and the compensation (the commission).
  • Set the listing price.
  1. The Second most important legal document is the MLS Data Form for putting your home on the Multiple Listings Service (ie. The MLS Data Form will:
  • Accurately describe the property (including lot size, building size, style and materials, floor areas, heating/cooling, room sizes and descriptions).
  • Detail what is and isn’t included in the sale.
  • Provide information about annual property taxes, legal descriptions, and note any other necessary financial information about the property (eg. condo fees if relevant).
  1. Also, your agent requires FINTRAC documentation – This is personal information about you, such as date of birth and ID, to verify your identity for Federal listing requirements.

What does your agent do with all of this paperwork?

MoveRight agents market our clients’ properties in many of the following ways:

  • Through their own personal and professional social media accounts, plus through MoveRight’s online venues.
  • Advertisements in print media including home and open house listings.
  • Featuring the listing on our website.
  • Through their networks of buyers, other clients and business associates.

What can you do to prepare for all the attention your home will be receiving once you list it?

During the time of your listing, your home should be ready for showings at all times – meaning clean & clutter-free. Remember to:

  • Turn on all the lights, regardless of the time of day, and open all drapes or blinds.
  • Turn on soft music, turn off loud distractions.
  • Try to remove your pets.
  • Remove all possible harsh odours.
  • Leave windows and mirrors sparkling.
  • Set out fresh flowers.
  • Leave the house. This avoids any questions or awkwardness that could happen. If you do remain in your home, be courteous, try to give them space, and do not make conversation.

For more tips, information and details on what you need to do to list your home, give MoveRight a call: 289-434-4241.