Facts in Real Estate Home Selling

Find a Realtor in your area who knows your local market. Tip: The Realtors at MoveRight are experienced in their market and many grew up in the area – a great insider view!

A clean and uncluttered home SELLS. Having an unappealing home can knock thousands off your profits. Putting in some elbow grease can lead to bigger payoffs.

Price your home to sell. Make sure your home sells quickly, if you home is sitting on the market for months, buyers will assume something is wrong with the home or that it’s priced too high. They will begin looking for a discount thinking you are desperate to sell your home.

It’s inconvenient. Know right off the bat that selling your home is an inconvenient process. MoveRight is here to help you in any way you need. Just know that your life will be interrupted regularly from prospective buyers.

Repairs left undone will cost you more than the repair itself. If a repair is needed, fix it. Otherwise, a buyer will expect to get back the amount to fix it from you, plus some. If a prospective buyer sees one needed repair they will begin to assume there are other repairs in need of fixing or that you don’t maintain your home well. People are frightened by the unknown.

Overpricing your home helps your neighbours, not you. When prospective buyers are looking in a particular price range, all the other homes in your area will show up within that range. You want to ensure that your home belongs in the same price range as the others.

Buyers love to negotiate. In an inspection, there’s always a hundred little things. Ensure all major repairs are dealt with or disclosed to any prospective buyers. You do not want to give the buyer any excuse to ask for discounts. Realtors are great negotiators – they have dealt with this time and again!

Try to not be present during showings. You want buyers to walk through your home without feeling any unnecessary pressures. You want them to imagine their place in your home without you over their shoulder. You also don’t want them questioning you regarding your reasoning for moving. Buyers may find any reason to ask for a discount towards the property.

Smelly homes can sell for less. Pets, smoking or even stinky cooking can turn off a prospective buyer. A thorough cleaning of the whole home, fabrics, and carpets is a necessary step when selling.

Well maintained homes sell for more money. Red flags also become non-existent with a well-maintained home. Peace of mind comes with a price tag that results in the buyer’s willingness to pay more for your home.

Be Available. Lollygagging jeopardizes home sales. Your communication should be prompt and timely. It is vital that you are available to answer any questions prospective buyers may be asking your Realtor. By ignoring communications, you can irritate those involved. Try to be as available, prompt, and courteous as possible!

Buyers like to envision themselves in the home. Take the “you” out of the home. Your home should suit just about anyone. Pack up your memories and pictures prior to the showing process. Neutrality is the goal.

Speak the truth. Don’t decide to keep things to yourself. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Disclose all defects to the respective parties.

What you love isn’t what the buyer loves. Neutralize your home of anything bold, unsightly, or distracting from your home. Do not give the buyer any reason to find themselves feeling distaste for your home. You want buyers to fill your home with all of their own thoughts and desires.

The closing date is the moving date. All your belongings must be packed up and out by this date. Leave behind a clean and ready-to-live-in home. You will not be permitted there past this date.

Your Realtor choice matters. With experience and professionalism, our MoveRight agents stand out.

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